Xiaomi unveils a Wide-Aperture Retractable Lens Technology for upcoming phones

Xiaomi has debuted a retractable wide-aperture lens technology at its annual Mi Developer Conference (MIDC 2020) in Beijing that could offer upcoming smartphones a more conventional camera-like experience.

Like conventional optical zoom on a point-and – shoot camera, the latest technology is based on a retractable optical framework that lodges inside the smartphone but can stretch out when desired.

Xiaomi has not given any clear information about when it will carry its smartphones with the new growth. It does, however, remember that in the future, the latest offering would introduce “professional photography” to mobile users. The retractable wide-aperture lens technology allows a wider aperture to be provided to the telescopic camera.

This improves the volume of light input by up to 300 percent offering improved portrait and night photography output relative to commonly used camera systems according to Xiaomi.

A new image stabilisation system that requires a greater anti-shake angle to balance images and improves sharpness by 20 percent is also used in the current camera design.

In a statement , the company said, “Xiaomi will continue to incorporate these professional imaging innovations into mobile photography, introduce professional photography to hundreds of millions of smartphone users worldwide, and add to Xiaomi ‘s portfolio of breakthroughs in imaging technology.”

Xiaomi is expected to tweak the camera software available preloaded on its MIUI to bring support for the retractable camera, aside from the main hardware-level improvements.

On Weibo, a video has already been released which demonstrates the new experience.

Details have yet to be released on when the latest technologies will reach mass production.

However, it is expected to be a part of its flagships in the future , given Xiaomi ‘s activity in the smartphone industry.

Xiaomi also announced at MIDC 2020 that in 2021 it plans to add 5,000 engineers to expand the technical staff that currently has over 10,000 employees on board. The Beijing-based company has also unveiled its Mi Smart Factory, which automatically changes production lines every 20 minutes.

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