WhatsApp Added New Features This Week

In this week , WhatsApp has added some new features . The updated version allows removing unwanted images, recordings, records and other files simpler for users. The missing messages function was eventually launched by WhatsApp, but there are a few problems that will be addressed in a moment. The messaging app has now now made its payment functionality open to a wider range of users.

WhatsApp Storage Management Tool

The updated version of the control tool for storage is very fantastic and beneficial. You can now access and delete all of the forwarded images , videos and files once and for all.

You can review all the media with the new edition of the storage management tool and then you can decide whether you want to delete or retain them. There is also a dedicated section for WhatsApp, displaying a range of files greater than 5 MB. The updated version saves a lot of time and makes it much easier for you to erase unnecessary details to make room for memories that are more relevant.

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp also carried out the disappearing feature of messages . For each chat window, you are enabled to activate this feature, but the messages will vanish after seven days. When you want the messages to vanish, you can’t set the timer. One of the main challenges is that, within seven days, users will copy the text or take snapshots of the texts.

Also, all the disappearing messages will be saved if your backup option is allowed. These will not be available until messages are restored by the owner. By visiting the profile of the person or the party, one can activate the function. If you forward missed messages to a new chat , then they will not be deleted.

Report a Contact Feature

This feature was re-worked by WhatsApp. If they are spammed or threatened on the app , users will still report both daily and company WhatsApp accounts, but soon you will still be asked to upload proofs. Before it works against some account, WhatsApp will ask you to exchange latest chat messages. So, if you report an account, you will get a message saying, ‘This person will forward the most recent messages to WhatsApp.’ You currently have the option of submitting, blocking or adding a person to contacts, and if you want to report a contact, you don’t need to exchange chats. WhatsApp is yet to make this functionality accessible to all apps. You will see the functionality if you are a beta tester and on the Android edition of the app.

WhatsApp Payments

The WhatsApp Payments functionality will soon touch your computer as it has finally been granted a green signal by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Million of users can will can send money on WhatsApp and save her/his times . This function is very helpful function for freelancer also because he or she easily send or recieve payments via WhatsApp. After update this app you will find this feature .

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