The upcoming feature for Twitter to Filter graphical media in your DM

A new functionality is being tested by Twitter to help sort shared graphical media in your Direct Messages (DM).

The philtre appears to allow / disable graphics output, most likely images and videos, with a toggle button spotted by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong.

Note that the graphical media is not obscured but concealed from view by the feature. To access the media, users are expected to tap on the toggle. The functionality is very similar to the graphic picture and video filter on Facebook and Instagram.

There is no news as of now on when or when the function for end-users will appear. That said, in their direct messages, it’s likely to help users , especially women, receive unwelcome graphic material.

Twitter is also developing a new function that seeks to curb the spreading of disinformation on its site. When anyone enjoys something that is branded as disinformation, the feature basically displays a prompt. When anyone retweets certain content, a similar prompt is shown. Reverse engineer Wong also noticed this feature.

In order to fight to contain the dissemination of propaganda, fake news, harassment and pornographic content, social media sites have come under the scanner. While Facebook, Twitter , and Google have sought to take more stringent steps during and after the US presidential elections, such material on these sites continues to go viral.

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