The popularity of PUBG Mobile India’s comeback is boosted by Microsoft Azure for this cause

PUBG Mobile India’s server and player data protection will get a big boost as the game is expected to return soon With their tie-up with Microsoft Azure.

When the Central Government barred PUBG after the tensions between Indian and Chinese soldiers in Galwan, the key explanation given was the illegal theft and transmission of user data to servers that had locations outside India. Today, with PUBG Mobile all set to come back with a bang to India, one big factor would ensure that PUBG Mobile’s launch is a huge success.

KRAFTON, which is a consortium of independent game production teams responsible for several entertainment products such as PUBG and TERA, has teamed up with Microsoft Azure, according to sources.

How is PUBG Mobile India influencing this development? On the safety front, it is a huge improvement. Microsoft Azure is a cloud infrastructure service developed by Microsoft from Microsoft-managed data centres to develop, analyse, launch, and operate software and services. Microsoft Azure handles Microsoft data centre computing and resource storage, and this is what mostly keeps data, such as servers and user information, secure.

What will ensure that PUBG Mobile India makes a big comeback is the safe and reliable storing of user information. As the main reason behind the PUBG Mobile ban, security violation of user data was cited. With Tencent, PUBG Mobile’s move to India is now practically ensured that the Chinese entity is also cut off from the Indian market and KRAFTON ties up with Microsoft Azure.

It is now clear that PUBG Mobile will enter the Indian market after the publication of several teasers as soon as pre-registration has already started, although there are concerns about the validity of the pre-registration website. FAU-G has also been influenced by the validity of the pre-registration, with over 60,000 registrations being shown, but there are concerns regarding the authenticity of some Twitter users.

Now, India has opened pre-registrations for Android and iOS for select users who are part of the Tap Tap game sharing network, according to a post by Inside Sport. More than 300,000 consumers have now signed the programme and it is officially ranked 9.8/10. But just like FAU-G, there is no official PUBG company announcement and that has created more doubt among gamers.

PUBG Mobile India’s Facebook and Instagram accounts have shared game teasers, saying it is “coming soon.” The Tap Tap listing also states that the game will be released in both English and Hindi. However the main reason why PUBG has not yet made a formal statement is that since the ‘unban’ vote, the Indian Government has yet to come up with its official stand on the PUBG Smartphone Relaunch.

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