Microsoft releases Xbox game consoles for the next generation: price, features, other Details

Microsoft released two versions of the Xbox gaming console on Tuesday. Seven years after the release of the previous version , To catch a pandemic-driven surge in customer spending on games.

The flagship new-gen game console, along with its cheaper Xbox Series S equivalent, will be released.

Xbox will clash with the PlayStation 5 from Sony Corp, set to launch on 12 November. Games released at sale, PS5 is generally seen as leading the console race because of its larger fan base and a wider range of exclusive game.

This was the first time on the same day that Microsoft released its game console worldwide and the company said it had seen the largest Xbox console preorders in several countries.

Xbox Series X price

The Xbox X will retail for $499.99 (379.1 pounds) and a lower-priced Xbox Series S will sell for $299.99.

The approach provides more options for customers, but the portable Series S faces scepticism for being less powerful than the Series X, with less storage space and lack of sophisticated “ray tracing” graphics for titles such as “Devil May Cry 5” by Capcom.

How are Indians going to get a console?

Walmart is a big seller and will be opening the doors of the Xbox Series X games. Walmart’s official Twitter account announced that they would be going live in the walk-in stores with the next-gen consoles at 12PM ET.

Amazon had recently announced that some Xbox Series X , and orders would take longer to get shipped due to high demand in America . In India, there is still doubt about when the console will actually be shipped.

For now, the Xbox Series S is available to purchase on Amazon India with a considerable stock available from various vendors. No information about the Xbox Series X console on Amazon’s Flipkart, however, were available.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass from Microsoft, a premium service of more than 100 titles including entirely new games, is seen as the main tool for the company to cut through the supremacy of PlayStation. Ever since its introduction, Game Pass has expanded exponentially to more than 15 million subscribers.

Nevertheless, Xbox is seen as missing killer launch games, with the new “Halo” game in the flagship series moved as the pandemic struck production back to next year.

“Depending on their geographic venue, each studio faces particular difficulties and restrictions and many of our external production partners around the world are similarly impacted,” said Ryan Cameron, Director of Xbox, EMEA.

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