How to Increase Your Website Traffic

Today we will discuss how we are increase our website traffic by this way :

  • Why traffic is required ?
  • Free traffic vs Quality traffic
  • How to increase your website traffic by google
  • How to increase your website by paid services
  • Other paid ways to improve your website traffic
  • Other free ways to improve your website traffic

Why traffic is required ?

Website traffic is very important to growth your business and couple of number visitors equal the number of opportunities and you will increase your customers too.

It can help you to ,

  • How well Marketing or Business is working
  • Improve your SEO
  • Build more leads, raise conversions, and get more clients

We will discuss free forms of pushing traffic to your website in this article in a manner that affects your bottom line.

Free traffic vs Quality traffic

Traffic to your website helps to boost your rating, which in turn creates more traffic, but you want to guarantee that the traffic growth is often correlated with an increase in interaction. If your traffic increases, however your conversion rates decline, you do not carry in the correct traffic.

There are a variety of ways to maximise the conversion of your website, such as incorporating calls for action and lead capture forms in the correct locations, supplying the guests with the details they are searching for, and making navigation simple and intuitive. But the first step is, in the first place, to draw the right tourists to your site. Your purpose is to draw more skilled users to your platform when it comes to website traffic. That is, those most likely to turn into leads and customs.

How to increase your website traffic by google

i ) Create a Free Google My Business Listing

Did you know that 7x more visits than an incomplete one get an optimised Google My Company listing? Don’t forget that your website is linked to your listing, so this is a perfect way to get more website traffic.

One thing put in mind, though, that with results, Google is getting smarter and smarter. If your listing provides all the data a potential customer needs to make a decision, they may forgo your website and directly contact or visit your company, much better than a visit to the website!

ii ) On-page SEO

The practise of optimising web page content for search engines and consumers is on-page SEO (also known as “on-site SEO”). Optimising title tags, content, internal links and URLs are typical on-page SEO activities.

There’s more to on-page SEO than cramming keywords into your page’s HTML.

You also need to optimize your content for :

  • User experience
  • Bounce rate
  • Page loading speed
  • Click-through-rate

How to increase your website by paid services

Google paid ads is a perfect way to bring individuals to your website who are looking for the resources you offer.

1 . Google Search Advertising

The Google Search Network is a collection of websites and applications connected to your search where your advertisements will appear. Your ad will appear close search results as someone looks for phrases similar to one of your keywords as you advertise on the Google Search Network.

Paid search results show at first in search results. This form of exposure is a perfect way to attract additional traffic for qualified visitors to the website. Check out our article on How to Get Free Ads on Google if you do not have the budget for paid advertising.

2. Google map advertising

It is easy to advertise on Google Maps, which takes only a few minutes to set up. Simply build a listing on Google My Company, attach it to your account with Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and allow location extensions. Incorporate trending keywords into your campaigns to ensure your ad performs well.

You can also pick preferences so that your organisation appears at the top of search results for Google Maps.

Other paid ways to improve your website traffic

Social Media advertising , Display advertising , Pay-Per-Click or Cost-Per-Click

Social Media Advertising

Advertising on paid social media is a cost-effective way of marketing your brand. The pay-per – click (PPC) payment model is used by each network. This suggests that if the customer takes the action you want, you just pay. This helps you to connect with niche audiences at a discount, unlike traditional advertising.

Display Advertising

Display advertisement (banner ads) is a type of advertising that uses text, logos, animations, images, photos, or other graphics to visually express a promotional message. Show marketers also approach people with certain characteristics to maximise the impact of the advertising.

Pay-Per-Click or Cost-Per-Click

When people click on the ads, PPC bidding only involves charge, and it’s often referred to as cost-per – click (CPC). The price of each click is dependent on the demand and the content of your ad for your chosen keywords.

You can restrict the amount of clicks that you choose to manage a budget by paying for good acts explicitly allows you a higher chance of conversions .


It is important to consider your target audience, particularly for platforms that offer multiple demographic choices when you build advertisements. Finding the audiences who are going to want your services means that you have to analyse what individuals fall with your target audience.

Internet paid ads may circumvent individuals who normally do not respond to your product and send your message to potential consumers. The collection of suitable target audiences will increase the click-through rate and boost your profits.

Other free ways to improve your website traffic

Here , top 5 ways to improve your website traffic

1 . Build Backlinks

A backlink is nothing but it is a link your website to another website. Backlinks are also called “inbound links” or “incoming links.”

backlinks from complementary companies or market influencers can also boost professional traffic to your website in addition to having your company in front of a wider audience.In reality, Google picks up on backlinks and would raise its faith in your company if it sees other reputable websites leading to yours. More trust from Google leads to higher scores, resulting in more traffic. Get noticed with quality backlinks for free on Google.

2. Use social media for sharing your blog/post

Social media is one of the best free marketing tools for growing your audience . you can use Facebook , Instagram , LinkedIn ,…. to promote blog posts and other useful pages . This way, if you post shareable content, you can turn your social media audience into website users and attract traffic from their networks.

It is free to produce usable material, and is not as difficult as it can seem. You’re the product / service expert; it’s your job to explain it for your audience.

3. Include Hashtags in Your Posts

If you add hashtags in your posts then your post or website blog can easily rank and lots of people will reach at your blog . Beyond your network, you can expand your scope and be found by customers looking for your goods and services.

4. Target Long-Tail Keywords

If you are begineer and your website is new then target long-tail keyboard it will helps a lot to increase your audience. it allows you a greater chance to rank higher (even on the first page) for your goods and services-specific questions, and higher ranking means more traffic. Plus, users are using more descriptive words to browse online as search engines and voice-to – text capabilities progress. To help you find keywords to hit, there are several free resources available, such as Address the Public.

5. Start Email Marketing

It is a perfect way to keep in contact with your customers to send out daily updates and encourage deals via email and can also help to bring visitors to your website. Provide helpful content and access to sites on the website, such as forum entries and landing pages with unique deals, where they can read more.

if you don’t know what is Email marketing than go to my blog i was covered from scrath so you can easily understand what is email marketing.

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