How to delete or Uninstall a WordPress Theme (Step-by-Step)

Would you like to erase a WordPress Theme however are stressed that it very well may be risky?

In the event that you have as of late exchanged your WordPress topic, at that point you might need to erase the bygone one. You may likewise have a couple of different WordPress subjects that come pre-introduced on your site that you might need to eliminate.

In this article, we’ll tell you why and the best way to effortlessly erase a WordPress topic without influencing your site.

Wordpress Theme

Why Delete a WordPress Theme?

In the event that you are not utilizing a WordPress topic, at that point it is prescribed to erase it from your site. There are various purposes behind erasing unused WordPress subjects.

WordPress topic records are written in PHP and can be utilized to conceal noxious code or malware on your site (that is if your site was ever undermined). Once in a while rebel designers can shroud indirect accesses in unused subjects too.

Keeping them introduced on your worker builds your reinforcement sizes and your WordPress security module takes more time to complete an output.

You’ll additionally continue getting refreshes for those subjects, despite the fact that you are not utilizing them by any means.

Presently a ton of clients introduce WordPress subjects on their live sites just to test them out. This isn’t the most ideal approach to test drive a WordPress subject.

We suggest utilizing an arranging site or a neighborhood WordPress introduce to do all your testing. This way it doesn’t influence your live site and permits you to offer a reliable encounter to your clients.

What’s the difference between uninstalling a WordPress theme and disabling it?

WordPress permits you to just keep one topic as your dynamic subject. Notwithstanding, you can introduce the same number of subjects as you need on your site.

These topics won’t be dynamic, however they are as yet introduced on your site, and you’ll keep on getting refreshes for them.

To totally uninstall a WordPress topic, you have to erase it. This will eliminate all topic documents from your site.

Deleting old WordPress themes is safe?

Yes if you wish you can delete , it is protected to erase a WordPress topic that you are not utilizing.

Each WordPress site needs at any rate one subject introduced to work appropriately. This is the topic that WordPress will use to show your site.

You can see which WordPress subject you are presently utilizing by visiting Appearance » Themes page. Your present subject will show up as ‘Dynamic’ topic.

Preparing Some things Before Deleting a WordPress Theme

On the off chance that you have tweaked a WordPress subject and need to save those customizations prior to erasing it, at that point you can make a total WordPress reinforcement.

You can likewise download the subject envelope to your PC as a reinforcement.

To do that, you can utilize a FTP customer or the File Manager application in your WordPress facilitating account dashboard. When associated, go to/wp-content/subjects/envelope and download the latent topic organizer to your PC.

Backup Your Theme Data

When you have your old theme securely backed up, you will continue to uninstall it.

Deleting a WordPress Theme

There are different ways to uninstall a style from WordPress. We’ll start first with the simplest one.

1. Deleting a theme from WordPress admin dashboard

This is the most effortless and the prescribed method to erase a WordPress topic.

To start with, you have to go to Appearance » Themes page and snap on the topic that you need to erase.

WordPress will presently open topic subtleties in a popup window. You have to tap on the Delete button at the base right corner of the popup screen.

Delete Your WordPress (Hestia) Theme

Next, you will be prompted to affirm that the theme is to be removed. Simply click the OK button to proceed, and your chosen theme will be removed by WordPress.

2. Deleting a WordPress theme via FTP

This approach is a little advanced, so if you are unable to enter the admin section of WordPress, it comes in handy.

Using an FTP client, easily connect to your WordPress site and then head to the /wp-content/themes/ page.

Delete a WordPress theme via FTP

You need to find the theme folder you want to uninstall from this location. Right-click on the name of the folder and pick delete.

Your chosen theme will now be deleted by your FTP client.

3. Delete a WordPress theme using Your WordPress File Manager

In the event that you are awkward utilizing a FTP customer, at that point you can likewise utilize the File Manager application in your web facilitating control board.

For this model, we’ll be demonstrating screen captures from Bluehost’s facilitating dashboard. Contingent upon your facilitating supplier, your facilitating dashboard may look somewhat changed.

Login to your facilitating account dashboard and snap on the File Manager symbol under the Advanced tab.

Delete a WordPress theme using File manager

This will open a file manager where you can search your web server’s content in the same manner you can use an FTP client. You need to go to a folder called /public html/wp-content/themes/.

Delete Your WordPress theme

Then you just need to right-click on the theme you want to get rid of and delete it and that’s all.

What to Do If You Uninstall a WordPress Theme Accidentally?

In the event that you inadvertently erased a WordPress topic, at that point there are numerous approaches to reestablish it back.

To start with, you can reestablish the topic from the reinforcement. This is simpler the same number of WordPress reinforcement modules permit you to rapidly reestablish your site to a previous stage.

Be that as it may, in the event that you didn’t make a reinforcement, at that point you can reestablish the subject by downloading and introducing a new duplicate of a similar topic.

The drawback of the subsequent methodology is that you would lose any customizations you made to the subject.

We trust this article helped you figure out how to effortlessly erase a WordPress topic. You may likewise need to see our rundown of the best WordPress modules and best email promoting administrations for private company.

I hope you was undertood this tutorial and now you will delete your WordPress theme also.

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