How to Delete a Youtube Channel

Follow these simple steps and delete your Youtube channel.

How to delete youtube channel

Do you have multiple YouTube channels and don’t use them anymore?

If you have channels that you don’t need, you may get in the way of management.

In fact, you can easily delete the channels you no longer use!

In this article, I will explain how to delete a YouTube channel and points to note before deleting it.

What is YouTube channel deletion?

This means that you will leave your YouTube account ( the YouTube service of your Google account) and delete only certain channels that you own.

Therefore, only the content such as videos, comments, messages, playlists, history, etc. in the deleted channel will be permanently deleted.

Precautions before deleting a YouTube channel

Before deleting a YouTube channel, let’s check the notes first.

Channel deletion permanently deletes uploaded videos, subscribers, channels you have subscribed to, comments, messages, playlists, browsing history, and other content.

Therefore, let’s think for yourself whether it is a situation where all of them can disappear.

If you delete it, you cannot restore the channel, so be careful.

How to delete a YouTube channel from PC/Laptop

First, log in to the YouTube channel you want to delete.

Click the ≡ mark on the upper left

Scroll down when the tab appears

Click ” Settings “

When the screen changes , click ” Set detailed display “

The screen will switch, so click ” Delete channel “

There is a confirmation of the password, so
① enter the password and
② click ” Next “

Click the ∨ mark to completely delete the content

Click the “The following data will be completely deleted ” check box
① □ to check it, and
② Click the ” Delete content ” button.

When the pop-up “Do you want to delete the content?” Appears, enter the channel name to be deleted in
① and click
② ” Delete content “.

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How to delete a YouTube channel on phone / iPhone

Previously, it was not possible to delete a youtube channel from a smartphone or iPhone, but the specifications have changed and it is now possible, so I will introduce it.

This method uses Google Chrome on the iPhone. Please refer to it as it is almost the same in Safari

First, search for “YouTube” from a browser application such as Google Chrome or Safari.

If you tap “YouTube” normally, the YouTube application will open, so press and hold it to “Open in a new tab”.

Switch the display to the PC version
If you open it in a new tab and take a look at YouTube

For the first time, it is often displayed in the mobile version. In that case, first tap the icon on the upper right.

Press and hold “PC version” and tap “Open in new tab”

Then it will switch to the PC version display

The PC version screen will open.

  • Tap ≡ on the upper left.
  • Tap “Settings”
  • Tap “Detailed settings”
  • Tap “Delete channel”

The screen will switch to this one, so enter the necessary information such as the password to delete it.

The work from here onward is basically the same as the PC version.


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