Google Over Protective Order for Businesses Related to Lawsuit at Odds With US

Google’s Alphabet and the US Department of Justice have struggled to find consensus on a security injunction for third parties such as Microsoft that supplied the government with details for its case against the search and advertisement giant.

Google is calling for two in-house lawyers to get access to the sensitive records, while Google said in a legal filing on Friday that the Justice Department and state attorneys general involved in the case disagreed.

In order to plan an effective defence, Google said it required the details. It proposed to ensure that all classified information would be made accessible either to two in-house lawyers at Google’s external counsel’s offices or in a safe fashion, adding that any leak must be reported promptly.

In a separate filing, the government said that it was risky to allow Google’s staff lawyers to review “strategic strategies relating to competing voice assistants and other commercially confidential data” because they might exploit the data to squash future competition.

The government has said that intensely classified files were only open to the company’s outside lawyers in the last large technology antitrust dispute involving Microsoft around 20 years ago.

Oracle,, and others are all among the businesses whose records are in question in the Google case. They have until next Friday to suggest the terms and conditions of a restraining order.

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