Disney+ Hotstar has more than 18.5 million paying users, taking Disney+ to 73.7 million

Disney+ Hotstar currently has over 18.5 million paying users, adding up to 73.7 million of Disney+’s worldwide customer base. Christine McCarthy, Disney’s senior executive vice president and chief financial officer, announced those estimates on Thursday’s quarterly conference call for the entertainment giant.

This past quarter, July through September, Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar gained more than 16 million users, with the latter helping the most, thanks to the recently ended IPL season for 2020. Since IPL is eligible with the Disney+ Hotstar VIP annual-only package, you can expect these subscribers to continue for at least one year now.

McCarthy said, speaking to analysts, “Disney+ finished Q4 with 73.7 million paying subscribers, or a rise of more than 16 million subscribers relative to Q3.” The largest contributor to this rise was Disney+ Hotstar subscriber acquisitions, led by the launch of the delayed IPL season. Subscribers of Disney+ Hotstar currently account for a little over a fifth of our global subscription base. This year, the gross ARPU [average revenue per user] of Disney+ was $4.52 (about Rs. 337).

The first official figures for its Hotstar subscription service were given by Disney back in April, stating that it had 8 million paying subscribers. The recent figures suggest that Disney+ Hotstar has more than doubled its paying user base successfully. And the growth spurt given by the Indian Premier League (IPL), the annual Twenty20 cricket competition, for Disney’s quarter ended on October 3, does not entirely account for these figures. On November 11, the IPL’s 2020 season concluded.

The number of paying users for the main rivalry for Disney+ Hotstar is unclear: Netflix and Amazon Prime Content. Netflix will finish in 2020 with 4.6 million paying subscribers in India, according to a survey by Media Partners Asia, while Amazon Prime had 4.4 million paid members in India, according to IHS Markit’s current available figures.

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