Apple is launching iPhone 12 Studio to let you digitally check out MagSafe accessories combos.

Apple has launched a new iphone 12 Studio that helps you to digitally try various MagSafe accessories . You can access the webpage via iPhones and iPads. With the MagSafe case and wallet colour choices, you can choose from iPhone 12 models and customise them. By calling it, you can also save the look and come back later to purchase it. To wirelessly charge the handset, MagSafe utilises magnets mounted within the iPhone. Accessories may also be added to tablets, such as cases and wallets.

You can start by selecting the iPhone colour and then select a colour from the available choices for the MagSafe case or pocket. The updates will be mirrored automatically on the iPhone image on your screen. Until you find a blend you prefer, you should keep mixing and matching colours. Apple then allows you to choose between showing the final look in a stacked or doubled-up view, after which you can add your name and download the file.

The iPhone 12 Studio would allow users to play with colour variations and give them the freedom, even if only digitally, to try on various MagSafe cases. This will mean buyers have a good understanding of how their latest iPhone 12 models will look for the new MagSafe accessory they have ordered. Apple Watch Studio operates the same way; consumers are able to choose and digitally configure a product.

The MagSafe charger is available at Rs. 4,500 and can be purchased from the Apple Store online.

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